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Welcome to the Darkness Within...
A Dark Paranormal Romance Series by Jennifer Turner

The Legend

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Eternal Seduction

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Eternal Hearts

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ampires and Werewolves are the stuff of legend. From sensual, Slavic accented heartthrobs, to rugged, moon driven beasts – our fascination for them seems to know no bounds. But what if I told you everything you’ve heard about them, everything you’ve come to accept as fact, isn’t even close to the truth?

How would you feel if I told you that you see them everywhere you go? That they work with you, ride the subway with you, and they stalked this world long before you were ever born? Would you look a little closer at the gorgeous, impeccably dressed business man who always works late in the office down the hall? Would you clutch your purse a little tighter the next time you took the subway home? Could you believe they live right along side you, in a society that closely mirrors our own, but you’d never know it because they don’t want you to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please, read further. A world awaits you where every denizen of the night was once what you are right now – a normal human being. You laugh, you cry, you love, and so do they. However, the world is much darker for them…for reasons far surpassing their allergy to the sun or bestial natures. Every night their connection to what they once were weakens, and every day they desperately try to hold on to the world they used to know.

Only one thing lightens the darkness and calms the beast that rages within. Even more for the damned – love – is the highest prize. With it, anything is possible and even the darkest of monsters can be redeemed. Without it, their connection to humanity severs and everyone becomes nothing more than an avenue for personal gain.

Everything is sacred and nothing is forgotten when immortality lies at your feet…

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November 28, 20139 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Read more

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March 27, 20131 year ago

Quick Update

I know I pretty much disappeared after Christmas, but I swear I'm still alive. :) I've had a lot of expected and some very unexpected occurrences over the last 3 months. Most good, some bad... Read more

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December 24, 20121 year ago

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

From my family to you and yours, have a fantastic and safe holiday! :) Read more

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August 21, 20122 years ago

Quick Update

Sorry I've been so quiet. We've been having serious internet issues since the beginning of July. One day everything is fine, then we won't have internet for 2+ weeks at a time. We get new internet hooked up tomorrow though, so keep your fingers crossed that it works better! :) Read more